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The SlaveHack Log Buggerer

SlaveHack is a non-realistic, browser based hacking game which I discovered over the weekend. It's fairly entertaining when you're playing to be an asshole, but much like real hacking SlaveHack can be a lot of boring plugging away at various IPs. So, in the interests of automating assholish behaviour, I spent a day whipping up the 'Log Buggerer'

The Log Buggerer is a winforms desktop application written in C#, so it will need the .net framework installed. Unlike some of the greasemonkey scripts floating around out there, it is entirely external to the game website itself. It's also still fairly beta-ish, relatively untested and has pretty much no pretty error handling code. You have been warned.

So, what exactly is it?

The top half is a fairly simple log parser. It also has the option to store the parsed IPs and bank accounts in a 'Known' list (essentially a text file in the same directory) which can then be used to filter future logs. Do note, it doesn't check bank IPs against the real banks at the moment.

The bottom section is the log generator. On the left are some common actions. Select one or more, choose a number of log entries to generate and any other switches, and away you go. All IPs and bank accounts are fake (great for filling up someone's log with spam and making people hit up lots of fake IPs), unless you flip the 'Use Known' switches. In that case the IPs and bank accounts will be pulled from your lists of known SlaveHack IPs and bank accounts. By 'fake' when it comes to bank accounts, this means merely the account number. The actual IP is one of the six real banks.

Potential uses

Being Log Camped but need to make a payment?

  1. Generate a load of fake payments, post them into your log.
  2. Auto-queue another lot in your process list
  3. Make your payment, switch to processes, drop more fake payments over where the real payment used to be
  4. Even if they grabbed your account details in the 2 seconds they were there, with 500 other fake bank accounts to crack they'll likely give up

Generate fake slave lists

  1. Clear your known bank accounts
  2. Generate a single log entry which has a bank account in it, copy this fake bank number (ie, copy '92427 at []')
  3. Paste number into parser, parse with 'Add to Known' selected
  4. Go back to the generator, select the number of slaves you wish to have, select the 'Use Known Accounts' and 'Time Invariant' options and generate.
  5. Congratulations, you now have a list of randomly generated slave IPs, all directing their income to a single fake bank account at the same time. Paste it on a slave to annoy people, in your own logs to confuse, whatever

Get a list of all your current slaves

  1. Clear Known IPs
  2. Go to your Slaves page
  3. Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V
  4. Parse (with additional strip NPCs if you fancy)

Compare your current slaves to the slaves you used to have

  1. Save list somewhere
  2. Come back 6 hours later, follow the steps above
  3. Get your list of IPs from earlier, whack into parser with 'ignore known'
  4. You now have a list of all the IPs which are no longer in your slaves list

Think up your own

You get the idea. It essentially allows you to generate completely arbitary logs. I'm sure some people can come up with other uses for it.

Holy hell where can I get this

The latest version of the Log Buggerer is version 1.05. Get it while it's hot.

I get the feeling that if a large chunk of the playerbase start using the log generation aspect of this program, the game will pretty soon get practically unplayable. At least until someone automates IP checking to make sure you're getting real ones. So, go hog-wild, and make those SlaveHack VPCs wonder what the hell is going on. - RockyBst

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