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Strange Attractors

Dan: This is said far too much, but I truly feel this Strange Attractors deserves the compliment. It's groundbreaking. WIth a wonderful mix of physics, objects and dying spacemen, this game rocks harder than 10 Queen tribute bands. Put together!

Matt: It's... insane, to put it as simply as possible.

Dan: As my febrile friend has just pointed out, it is indeed 'insane'. The basic premise of Strange Attractors is to guide your floating 'gravity generator' from the bottom of the screen to the top, over a series of ever more object filled levels.

Matt: The objects in question, are mostly metal spheres of varying size, vortexes of gravity and poor hapless spacemen. Pressing the spacebar will attract you to the nearest and largest floating object. Using their orbits you can manoeuvre yourself through the ring at the edge of the level, progressing onward.

Dan: I truly think the spacemen are the best part of this game. There's nothing better than using the gravity field you create to hurl a spaceman into a a floating metal ball, with the satisfying thud and spray of red claret. And if you want to get inventive you can try bashing into or projecting the smallest balls so that they smash into the poor individual.

Matt: In Strange Attractors, like in all good games, acts of horrific and insensitive murder like this will earn you lots and lots of points!

Strange Attractors

Dan: Indeed it will. Crushing a spaceman's lifeless body between two hunks of metal will earn you a nice 250 points bonus, while bashing your floating ball generator thingie into a shining blue star to destroy it garners a cool 500. Infact, along with the later grey balls, the stars are the only thing not affected by your gravity field.

Matt: One thing that took some getting used to was the fact that you only used one key to operate the entire game. The menu selections were even timed so you don't have to use the arrow keys. It begs the question... if you could get the space key to work, then why not go to the bother of getting the arrow keys working?

Dan: Strange Attractors was actually originally created for the 'One switch' game competition hosted by a site called 'Retro Remakes'. The idea was that games such as Strange Attractions which make use of only a single key can be played by people with certain disabilities which exclude them from more mainstream gameplay.

Matt: When Dan told me to download a game called "Strange Attractors" I told him NO, no more porn! But it turns out it wasn't porn, but a reasonably fun game involving gravity.

Dan: Ookay, well, I think it's clear that Matt is running out of things to say now, so let's wrap it up. I really love this nice little game, it's quirkiness really appeals to me. It has good quality graphics, especially for a home-brew, and a reasonable quality sound. Excellent dying screams for the mortally wounded spacemen, that sort of thing. All in all I think Strange Attractions is an excellent game, and I'd advise anybody to whom it sounds vaguely interesting to try it

Matt: Oh god, the head of doom! It's after me again!