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Ocular Ink

Dan: In Ocular Ink you play an eyeball. Which paints things. And kills them. Ok, that didn't start well so here's a picture to illustrate my point:

Ocular goodness

Matt: Yup, the eyeball in Ocular Ink can use his magical paint powers to push and pillage his way through his opponents. The idea is simple enough. Paint a line on the ground and it'll hurl whatever is at it's starting point in the direction of the line drawn. So you can throw your adversaries into walls, or throw nearby rocks and objects at them. Of course the best part of Ocular Ink is that you can also use your paint powers to paint swears and rude pictures on the ground.

Matt being a rude, rude boyDan: Trust Matt to figure that one out. As well as the base attacks there are three extra, more powerful attacks you can pick up from various defeated enemies. For instance one gives you the power to shoot laser beams, another gives you explosive ink, which the third gives you a damn irritatingly hard to use 'vortex' power.

Matt: You acquire these "Mad skillz" on your quest for the three magical orbs required to open a gate to the mountains, wherein lies the evil boss who raided your village. Standard RPG plot, really. Anyway, each level has a boss with the aforementioned powers. Defeat them, and you get the orb, and your vanquished foes power. Some powers come in handy for beating other parts of other levels, such as the big mash up before the final boss battle. Oh, and I thought the vortex power was easy to use if you drew the spiral big enough...

Dan: Meh, I don't have good enough mouse control for that. Give me exploding ink and laser beams any day. The real shame of the wonderful game which is Ocular Ink is that it's so short. It won't take much more than three hours to complete; although what a brilliant, fun-packing three hours those are.

Ocular Monsters cannot withstand my Inky prowess!Matt: I think the partial, texture/cel shading works for the paint theme; it's all smoothly worked upon. Objects in Ocular Ink will automatically fade should they get in between the camera and the little eyeball character. the textures on the ground will get tugged along with any objects when you draw lines too. The vortex ability will swirl all the colours on the ground into an ugly mess. Oh and the enemies bleed onto the ground too. So despite there being very few objects, the scenery still manages to change dramatically during play, thanks to the texture controls.

Dan: I actually thought that landscape was changed by the paint effects. Certainly it seems that dips and hollows can be made, as you can see in the screenshot at the very start of this review. But yes, the graphics do suit the game extremely well. I'm not too sure about the corny humour (Ayecheologist, for crying out loud!?), but it is a very nice setting.

Matt: This game gets my new award, given out to one game per year, for superb ass kickingness. This game, Ocular Ink, is 2005's Golden Lemon winner!

Dan: Another award? *sigh*. Anyway, Ocular Ink is a great game. It's the only freeware game I've actually completed for a very long time. If you would like to see this (or even some of their other games), you can check it the pistachio productions site. Ocular Ink is constantly under development, so keep on checking back every month or so for the latest improvements.