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Welcome to the Idiot Toons, our vain attempt to turn Shock Therapy into a sparkly new cartoon paradise. We were aiming for something to add a bit of wit and zest to the site, however it turns out that Matt decided to draw these 'Idiot Toons' instead. Yeah. So, now you get his drawings and Daniel's futile attempts to end his life through critiquing them. Bully for you.

Idiot Toons is also now avaliable on Facebook, with the dubious added benefit that you can comment on your favourite toons!

Toon for 11/10/2008

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This idiot toon is currently ranked: 7.8 out of 10, from a total of 25 votes

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Facile Comment of the Week:

Guitar strings: Truly the food of champions. And freaky little toothy worm things. And quite possibly ravecat too.