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keep reaching forward

The light took you by surprise but you keep reaching for the hubcap, it's a pretty cool light. When your hand touches the hubcap there is a loud gong and you feel yourself being sucked into a different time/place.

You try to let go and get back to the room. But it is too late, the hubcap has fused with your hand - you can't let go.

There is a rush of wind accompanied by a huge roar and your feet slam into mud.

You fall face fowards into the mud.

You scramble to right yourself and as you stand are confronted with an oncomming footballer. You seem to have been transported to a major event. The stadium is full and the crowd is roaring.

But the footballer is now nearly on top of you.

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Created By: Sharon Thompson

Created: 26/11/2015

Story Arc: choose

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