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WarCraft III Maps

Welcome, welcome, one and all! Welcome to Madd Matt's Marvellous Mass of Maps! The esteemed Mr. Hurley, doyen of this very website, presents to you a unique selection of never before seen Warcraft three maps; for both Reign of Chaos and the Frozen Throne expansion! Marvel at the hours of painstaking work which has been put into these never before released maps. Gaze in awe at the breathtaking vistas and scintillating gameplay laid before you on a silver platter!

These are all the Warcraft Three maps which the members of Shock Therapy have created. With the exception of Volcano TD, that means Matt. If you see a map you're interested in below, feel free to download it by either clicking on the download link or the supplied image.

Gamble for Glory

Matt Seyz: Gamble for Glory is perhaps the most broken of all my maps. Ever since I used a map optimizer on it, intending on reducing the overall size, it has a habit of kicking people at the start of the game. It also has some of the most meticulously scripted features of the collection, however unfortunately this also makes it incredibly tedious. Unless you really enjoy watching yourself blow all your gold on artificial horse races.

Download Gamble for Glory

You can download 'Gamble for Glory' by clicking here. Very clever idea, although it can get very damn tedious.


Matt Seyz: First ever map! This was an altered melee themed map, with specially designed shooting units with various attributes and abilities. I think it breaks if you don't select humans as your race. Also, the range on the snipers is a bit off; use them in conjunction with your heroes far sight ability and you can shoot from all the way on the opposite side of the map. Technically, this one's finished. Though that doesn't mean it's any good.

Download 'Guns'

You can download 'Guns' by clicking here. It's not a bad little game, although rather unbalanced in places.

Hero Creep Survival

Matt Seyz: Hero creep survival is, on reflection, really really boring. For some reason when it started, all the people I played it with seemed to love it. You got to choose from 6 heroes of varying type and attempt to defend your allied castle from being smashed by an endless wave of ever toughening enemy creeps. The most notable thing about this map (aside from it being appalling unfinished) is its near impossible final level, wherein you have to fight off clones of your heroes to reach and destroy the evil boss tower that can kill you in two hits!

Download 'Hero Creep Survival'

You can download 'Hero Creep Survial' by clicking here. It's bloody boring, yes.

Portal Wars

Matt Seyz: DOWNLOAD PORTAL WAR AT YOUR OWN RISK! It still suffers from a nasty memory leak which tends to sneak up on you out of nowhere while you're playing. Still being worked on currently and will eventually, hopefully, be stable. In short, you have landed on a very rough and isolated part of a planet, where the only viable method of transportation is by opening portals to other gatepads on the map, all the while fending off your rival factions from the precious precious planets crystalline resources.

Download 'Portal Wars' Warcraft Three map

You can download 'Portal Wars' by clicking here. I actually really like this one, there's certainly potential there if Matt got off his ass and started developing it a bit more.

Random Hero Arena

Matt Seyz: The only map on public release, and possibly the only one worth getting. I had the simple idea one day of giving every player a random hero each round, then telling them to try and kill everyone else's randomly selected hero as best they could. Then I added a shed load of random occurrences designed to mess around with the course of the round. As well as randomly dropping items and random creep spawns. Additionally, it has the best trigger structure of the lot; with nearly all of the games functionality held in arrays and mini databases. This also meant changing and adding content has been easier than in any of my other projects, as evidenced by the special Christmas edition I made for my friends during a few bored hours.

Download 'Random Hero Arena' Warcraft Three map

You can download 'Random Hero Arena' by clicking here. This is, as Matt said, the only map on general public release out of this selection. I like it, always good for a quick blast. You can also get the special chrismas version of Random Hero Arena from right here

Snakes on a Plane

Matt Seyz: Back at the height of the film's internet meme status, I cranked out this shameless bandwagon hop of a map. Similar to Hero Creep Survival, you have to survive on the plane for up to 15 minutes while being laid siege to by deadly snakes. Of course, as time goes on they get even deadlier! This is so unfinished that I never even managed to add the planes wings to the scenery, let alone any decent abilities or features.

Download 'Snakes on a Plane'

You can download 'Snakes on a Plane' by clicking here. It's tripe though, pure tripe.

The Great Peon War

Matt Seyz: The Great Peon War is actually a map I still work on from time to time. It's one of my best, pretty much an AOS, with peons from the east and west trying to annihilate each other. As a hero, you the player have to assist your allied army in whatever way you can, with brute force or buffing/healing powers. It also has a range of features, from dynamic weather which affects the battlefield on some level, to periodic challenges and awards for achieving a certain statistic. It can get boring at times, but on the whole I think it's enjoyable

Download 'The Great Peon War'

You can download 'The Great Peon War' by clicking here. It's a reasonable enough map, although I can't help feeling that it's something which has really be overdone far too much.

Virus Wars

Matt Seyz: Virus wars boasted massive amounts of units; so many in fact, that if you ordered all 200 of your units to move somewhere they would pause for several seconds every few steps or so. This map boasts some of the most awful unit and ability imbalances in the entire collection. Here's a hint, get the spyware units as your main virus: the range gives them the steepest advantage. The map did have special bonus rounds every 5 or so minutes, where you had to undertake various competitive tasks in order to win money, items or whatever. In the end, it got put to bed because it was impossible to revamp without having to make it again from scratch. Crappy triggering and all that.

Download 'Virus Wars' Warcraft Three map

You can download 'Virus Wars' by clicking here. No idea what this one's like, I've never played the damn thing.

Volcano TD

Daniel Seyz: Finally, a map that's not made by Matt! This was actually a HAProject before I killed off that section of the site.

And it certainly deserved the accolade 'Half Arsed', if nothing else. How was this abomination bought about? Pretty much the same way as most other things on this site. Matt was taunting me, proclaiming that I had less coding prowess than a 13 year old. Well, I proved him wrong! Kind of.

Volcano Tower Defence

Volcano TD is ... well ... yet another Tower Defence map of the type which has been floating around for god knows how long. Designed for use with Warcraft III, The Frozen Throne expansion it brings pretty much nothing new to the field of tower defence design. Except that it's actually been designed from first principles; I didn't just copy yet another *Maul map, I actually coded all the triggers mysef. The blurb:

“For years you and your salamander buddies have been living in comfort on this lovely underground volcano. But now there’s hordes of creeps portalling in, intent on committing suicide by volcano. If you don’t stop them, the volcano could become blocked ... and you could die of the cold!”

Dear lord, what was I drinking that day? Salamanders having to build towers to stop hordes of creeps from committing suicide is a pretty crap premise for a map. How can salamanders build towers anyhow, they don't even have hands! For that matter, who's manning these defence towers? If there's only four salamanders, and they're each building around 60 towers each then they must have some really sweet robotic control mechanisms or something.

Volcano Tower Defence

Anyway, back on track. Volcano TD is small, four man tower defence map for Warcraft III the Frozen Throne. It offers several innovative features such as a shop to buy more health ('Magma') for your pet volcano and even lumber to build some rather spiffing super-towers. It's important that you keep you Magma levels high, otherwise the creeps may choke the volcano, leading to another ice age ... as ridiculous an idea as a lump of fur and meat managing to clog up a Volcano is.

Ah, now the towers. That's where it all goes wrong for Volcano TD. Sure, the initial tower is nice to look at. The laser tower ain't so bad, even. But when you get to the Cyber Whore ... and dear god the Mr. T Tower ... what kind of malfescent cretin could create towers of such staggering horror? Oh yeah, me. Damn.

Well, anyway. Volcano TD. Volcano Tower Defence. Salamander Hell. That crepulent pustule of snot diseasing the lymphatic organs of humanity. Whatever you want to call it, enjoy it. If you can. The Hive Workshop will gladly supply you with that which you seek, or if you prefer you can download it direct from this site

Download 'Volcano TD' Warcraft Map

Psst, look out for the Super Rats and the special Shock Therapy bubble effect.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, virii and villi, boys, girls and every hermaphrodite step in-between, is the last of the wonderfully womanising Warcraft maps for Madd Matt. Hopefully you'll find yourself something interesting.